US-Russia nuclear war would wipe out 75% of humanity due to global famine, study says

Indian Independence Day in UAE: Hundreds dressed in tricolours at Consulate's celebrations

Some started to line up as early as 6.30am to celebrate at the Embassy

China announces new military drills amid US delegation's visit to Taiwan

China announced new military drills near Taiwan on Monday, as the territory's president met a delegation of US lawmakers weeks after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit enraged Beijing. Ms Pelosi's trip to Taiwan prompted about two weeks of Chinese military exercises near the island. The drills included firing missiles into the Taiwan Strait and sen...

Top Famous Personalities of Pakistan!

1. Imran Khan Top Famous Personalities of Pakistan! e7awi 1 Top Famous Personalities of Pakistan!

How cloning woolly mammoths could save the world

Before the end of the decade, ponderous woolly mammoths could be traipsing across the tundra once again. Driven to extinction about 10,000 years ago, the 15-tonne animals could soon be kicking up the permafrost — if a company called Colossal has its way. Under the aegis of George Church, considered by many to be the godfather of genetic engineering...

Father and son linked to murders of Muslims in New Mexico

Afghans gather in London to mark poignant anniversary of Taliban takeover

There were sombre scenes at a gathering of Afghans in West London on Monday, as dozens poured into a community centre to mark the first anniversary of the fall of Kabul and remember their loved ones left behind in their Taliban-controlled homeland. Families and refugees staying at bridging hotels in the Feltham area travelled to the nearby Afghan a...

Top 5 most famous celebrities of India!

India has many popular celebrities who are known worldwide. Here is a list of the most popular Indian celebrities who made a name for themselves with their hard work, passion, and talent. 1. Shah Rukh Khan Top 5 most famous celebrities

Violent protests erupt in parts of Kenya over vote

'It was not free and fair', says protestor

‘Queen’s Frigate’ leaves UK for three-year mission to the Gulf

A Royal Navy warship known as the ‘Queen’s Frigate’ has left base for a three-year deployment to the Middle East. HMS Lancaster, which was launched by Queen Elizabeth II in 1990 and named after her — the Duke of Lancaster being a subsidiary title of the sovereign — left Portsmouth Naval Base for the long-term deployment. The Type 23 frigate is the ...

RAK Chamber members’ exports total Dhs1.644bn in Q2 2022

The chamber registered 402 new establishments in Q2 2022, including 185 commercial establishments and 193 professional establishments

Kung Fu Panda 4 to Premiere March 2024

A new report from Variety revealed that the Kung Fu Panda series is back, as Universal Pictures announced that it is preparing for the fourth part of the series and that it will be shown on March 8, 2024.This will be the first feature film in the series since 2016 when Kung Fu Panda 3 was released,

Jobs, Salaries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and Al Ain

Average Salaries in Sharjah e7awi 1 Average Salaries in Sharjah Read More: Average Salarie

US judge: Family can't sue Lebanon over jailed man's death

A US judge on Monday denied a family's attempt to sue Lebanon on allegations that the country's security agency kidnapped and tortured their relative before he died in America. Amer Fakhoury, 57, a Lebanese American, died in August 2020 after suffering from Stage 4 lymphoma. His family’s lawsuit, filed in Washington last year against Iran, says he ...

The Taliban's Kabul through the eyes of a teenage girl

Huda is far from the only teenager to complain that too many people are telling her what to do, or "ruining her life". But in her case, it's not hyperbole. Aged 14, Huda is a child of Afghanistan's republic, born seven years after the US invaded her country, overthrew the Taliban government and set up a parliamentary democracy that it promised woul...

UAE: ‘Yogi with the Lamborghini’ makes Dubai his home

The 38-year-old Master Sri has conducted over 50 live events worldwide, over 100 online events

Yemen's rival parties urged to reopen roads into besieged Taez

Despite Yemen’s ceasefire holding, no progress has been made on opening roads into Taez, which the United Nations on Monday said was cutting of aid to millions of people in need. The main players in the country's civil war this month agreed to extend a two-month ceasefire, which was first introduced on April 2, for a second time. Part of the truce ...

Salman Rushdie attack sparks threats against journalists in Lebanon

The stabbing attack on Salman Rushdie in the US last week has ignited a heated debate in Lebanon, with the author's work The Satanic Verses once again the centre of a fraught discussion over free speech. Politicians, journalists and ordinary citizens from across the country are weighing in on what has become a battle over where the line between the...

Syria ready to repatriate refugees from Lebanon: Minister


Abdullah bin Zayed Directs the Promotion of National Identity

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Chairman of the Education and Human Resources Council, directed all educational institutions in the country, including government and private, at all stages, to intensify efforts to enhance nation

Young Egyptian Muslim rescues 5 children from Cairo church fire

Priests visit him to check on his injuries, thank him for his bravery

Covid-19: New Omicron-specific vaccine in 6 months, says Serum Institute of India

Pharma giant currently working with Novavax to create vaccination against BA-5 sub-variant

Russians, Ukrainians again trade blame for new shelling near nuclear power plant

Nuclear experts fear fighting might damage Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant’s spent fuel pools or reactors

Indian envoy to UAE says non-residents are strong pillar in independence day celebrations

A festive, colourful atmosphere with residents waving saffron, white and green flags marked India’s 75th independence day celebrations in the UAE on Monday. Hundreds of Indians gathered at the embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate in Dubai to take part in the festivities, which included vibrant dance performances. Sunjay Sudhir, India’s ambassador...

"NCEMA" Is Ready to Deal with the Expected Depression

The National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Authority confirmed the readiness of all concerned authorities, under the leadership of the Ministry of Interior, with the participation of the National Center of Meteorology and local police leaders, to deal with the depression that is expecte

Assange lawyers sue CIA for spying on them

Lawyers for the WikiLeaks founder allege the agency recorded their conversations and copied data from their phones and computers

Britain says monkeypox outbreak 'shows signs of slowing'

UK has recorded more than 3,000 cases, 70% of them in London

Heavy rain and thunderstorms sweep across England, bringing heatwave to an end

Heavy rain has caused flooding in Cornwall and Devon as thunderstorms sweep across south-western and eastern England. Amber thunderstorm warnings for parts of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have been issued by the Met Office as there is a chance of homes and businesses flooding as well as power cuts, with fast-flowing or deep water causing danger to ...

UK: Johnson draws flak for second holiday in two weeks while Britons battle crisis

Opposition accuses outgoing PM of having 'one big party' as several struggle with surging costs of living

Covid-19: India completes clinical development of new intranasal vaccine

Nasal delivery system is designed to be cost-effective in low, middle-income countries

William Ruto declared winner of Kenya's tight presidential race

Kenya’s electoral commission chairman has declared Deputy President William Ruto the winner of the close presidential election over five-time contender Raila Odinga, a triumph for the man who shook up politics by appealing to struggling Kenyans on economic terms and not traditional ethnic ones. But chaos broke out shortly before the declaration whe...

What is behind the rise in Iran-sponsored plots in the US?

The rise in alleged assassination plots tied to the Iranian regime, which have been uncovered by the US government, has raised questions on Tehran’s threat and capabilities within America. Last month, the FBI said that Iranian-American activist Masih Alinejad was a target of a Tehran plot to kidnap her from the dissident’s Brooklyn home. Iranian au...

UAE: Lulu announces 3-day promotion on 10,000 products for Indian Independence Day

Discounts will be across the retail chain's 235 hypermarkets in GCC region

Afghan ex-president Karzai reveals his own daughter faces Taliban school ban

Afghanistan’s former president Hamid Karzai has said his own daughter is on the brink of being shut out of school because of Taliban curbs on educating girls. Mr Karzai told German broadcaster DW that his daughter Malala, 10, was about to finish sixth grade in Kabul and would be barred from going any further as things stand. The Taliban, who seized...

Read Your Daily Horoscope: Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Aries Horoscope for Tuesday, August 16, 2022 (Tuesday, 16 August 2022) You want people to like you, but right now, you are so driven by ambition that you are in danger of forgetting they are people, not `resources`. Don`t get too caught up in thinking about the ways in which they can help you. Astut

Dubai: Emaar to discuss selling e-commerce site Namshi

Real estate giant bought fashion retailer for $281 million after first acquiring a 51% stake in 2017

Taliban must change course, uphold rights of girls, women, EU says

It has been a year since the group took power in Afghanistan

Review: Ferrari has started a new journey with 296 GTB

We test drive the 296 GTB, an evolution of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined two-seater sports berlinetta concept, featuring a new V6 engine coupled with a plug-in electric motor that packs a punch p.63

Russia vows to expand arms trade with its allies

We are ready to offer our partners the most advanced types of weapons: Putin

Dubai employer of Giggs’s ex-girlfriend tried to block his emails, court hears

The UAE-based employer of footballer Ryan Giggs's ex-girlfriend tried to block his “intense” emails because they were “interfering with her work”, a court heard. Elsa Roodt said that Q Communications had “no other option” but to try to block emails from the former Manchester United star because his partner, Kate Greville, “couldn't do her work”. As...

UAE: Dusty weather causing spike in allergies, respiratory illness; 8 tips to stay safe

Doctors witness increase in asthma flare-ups, chest infections

Man stabbed to death near London’s Oxford Street

It is Pakistan Independence Day!

Independence Day Special: Top Historic Monuments of Pakistan! e7awi 1 Independence Day Special: Top Historic Monuments of Pakistan!

FBI and Homeland Security concerned by threats after Trump search

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have warned US law enforcement of increased threats after the search of former president Donald Trump's home in Florida last week, US media outlets reported. The internal memo was shared with law-enforcement officials across the US late on Friday night. Among the concerns was a “a threat to place a so-cal...

UAE: Indian expats mark 'landmark' Independence Day

Ambassador of India to the UAE Sunjay Sudhir led the celebrations by hoisting the Indian tricolour national flag at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Pfizer CEO Bourla tests positive for Covid-19, shows mild symptoms

He has started a course of the company's oral treatment Paxlovid

UAE: Dogs, tortoises help over 30 patients in first-of-its-kind animal-assisted psychotherapy programme

Therapy benefited women, children who experienced severe trauma in first phase

Get your child ‘Back-to-School’ with these retail offers

UAE's leading retailers have plenty of offers and deals for the new academic year

Weather Update: Today’s Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology stated that the weather today, Sunday, August 14, will be dusty to partly cloudy, with a chance of forming some cumulus clouds east and south in the afternoon, accompanied by rain, and winds are light to moderate in speed, active at times and laden with the dust du

Iran ‘incited violence against Salman Rushdie for generations’, says Blinken

Iranian institutions have incited violence against attacked author Salman Rushdie for generations, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday. Mr Blinken said Iran’s state-affiliated media “gloated” about the "despicable" attempt on the author’s life. He said Rushdie always stood up for “universal” rights of freedom of expression​, of reli...