Demonstrations against the Israeli government's planned judicial reforms kicked off again throughout the country on Saturday evening, Israeli media reported.

This is the 11th weekend in a row of protests happening throughout Israel.

In Tel Aviv, protesters gathered in Dizengoff Square and are planning on marching toward Kaplan Street, according to Ynet. Demonstrators changed: "Israel is not yet Iran."

Numerous roads will be blocked due to the protests in the city, including Kaplan Street to Ibn Gvirol Street to Menachem Begin Street in both directions. Roads will also be closed off around Yigal Alon Street, N12 reported.

"Israel is not yet Iran."

Tel Aviv protesters

Yaakov Frenkel, journalist Guy Rolnick and Eyal Naveh will be among the speakers, but the event will start with a 13-year-old girl singing Hatikvah, after she was not allowed to sing earlier this week at a local event because an ultra-Orthodox speaker demanded that no girl may sing.

Israelis block the Ayalon Highway during a protest against the Israeli government's planned judicial overhaul in Tel Aviv on March 11, 2023. (credit: ERIK MARMOR/FLASH90)

Bedouins protesting against the reforms

In the Negev, Bedouins are protesting for the first time against the judicial reforms at the Hora intersection near Beersheba, Ynet reported. Signs at their protest read "This is our home," "Equal rights and democracy for all" and "Partnership of Jews and Arabs."

Other protests took place in Ramat HaSharon, and in Rehovot, thousands are protesting at the Science Park.

Likud activists arrive at the scene

In Or Akiva, Likud activists in favor of the protests were demonstrating in favor of the reforms near hundreds of demonstrators who were protesting against them, Ynet reported. There, signs brought by the protesters said "Rightists and leftists refuse to be enemies." A police force was sent to the scene to separate the protestors from the Likud activists.

On Friday, numerous protests were conducted in front of many of the houses belonging to coalition government MKs. It was also reported that demonstrations on Saturday will occur in around 120 locations throughout the country, according to protest organizers.

Thousands began marching and protesting in Haifa on Saturday from Moriah Boulevard to Horev Junction, Ynet reported. Demonstrators waved pride flags and Israeli flags as well as signs that read "fascism will not pass."

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