Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH Saudi Arabia’s Roads General Authority (RGA) started an advanced research study to evaluate the performance of asphalt layers, including the use of building demolition materials.

This is aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability, preserving natural sources of materials, in addition to raising spending efficiency and controlling costs.

The study comes through obtaining the treated gravel as a result of the demolition of buildings from specialized environmental landfills, then asphalt mixtures that include a variety of materials that are designed and tested in the laboratory, and after that experimental sections of the study will be implemented.

The RGS will measure the success of this study by using specialized types of sensors to monitor the resistance and efficiency of the sections during the tests, while evaluating the performance of the experimental sections using the heavy traffic load simulator, which is the first device of its kind in the Middle East in terms of simulating climate and traffic loads.

The evaluation work will continue in the first phase for a year, during which examination and evaluation work will be carried out, and results and recommendations will be analyzed.

It is noteworthy that the authority is working on implementing a package of studies and scientific research aimed at promoting innovation in the road sector and upgrading road users. The RGA is a regulatory authority under the Ministry of Transport and Logistics that is responsible for overseeing the country’s construction, operation and maintenance of roads.

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